I have an HP 4215 officejet all-in-one. Having recently purchased a new laptop with Vista Home Premium, I had not attempted a scan before today. Of course, the buttons on my all-in-one were not recognized.

At first, I just looked for recent drivers on HP but then I googled the 'vista fax and scan' issue and found my way to daniweb. I was able to use the Paint solution that was suggested. But, this felt less than satisfactory.

So, I went to the HP website again and did a search on 'windows vista scan'. Within the first 10 of 175 hits, I clicked on the 'HP Full Feature Softward and Drivers'. I downloaded the suggested
'AIO_CDB_Full_Non-Network_enu.exe '. This reinstalled my HP 4215 officejet all-in-one' and the HP Solutions Center. From there I was able to scan to PDF successfully. I did not try to fax but I'm guessing that should work too.

In all, I was inconvenienced by the problem for less than 1 hour!

I hope this helps. :) jwbeancat