every now and then when i start up my Dell desktop running windows vista, it gets to the black screen with 'micosoft corp' and the scrolling green bars, but just stays on this screen for ages

i end up holding down the power button and restarting again, this causes the 'there was a problem starting up your machine last-time' screen with the two options, run problem fixer or start normally, sometimes if i skip the startup repair option and go with 'start windows normally' it works, sometimes it doesn't

i cant remember installing any new software that may have caused this malfunction, but it was a long time ago now and we've just been patient. but recently the problem is gettin worse and more frequent and difficult to bluff our way past...

i have a sneaky suspiscion that it may be to do with the router (belkin 54G)as this normally co-incides with internet connection problems but it maywell not be, seen as i am however accessing this site via my laptop which is working fine - its probably a seperate problem

any help people?

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I bow the the superior knowledge of caperjack but have you tried a complete reboot after turning everything off including the router and then turning everything on except the computer and then turning it on last. i have had routers that have got stuck and they can be a pain as they do not tell you they are causing the problem.
Hope this helps


Nah i've decided it's NOT the router

sometimes it turns on straight away sometimes it takes two or three attempts using the "start windows normally" pathway, rarely does it work when you run the startup repair wizard, often it takes me to a system restore which requires a reboot during which it then gets stuck again and i have to force shut down again

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