Hi, while investigating a problem folder i enable the hidden files to be viewed in all folders a while back. well recently i had noticed these weird files that were exact duplicates of files in most of my folders except that they had a "._" prefix. i have been deleting them because when i tried to open them they were unreadable. i just now realized that they are the hidden files that i made visible. am i messing up my files by deleting them? i am still able to open the original normal file and everything seems fine. i appreciate anyone's info.

Don't mess with hidden folders/files unless you know what you are doing! I don't know what they are, but take that advice seriously. May be use google :)

i understand that messing with hidden files may lead to problems. im more cautious when it comes to system files, and since the ones i have deleted were just hidden parts of word files and pictures i didnt think it was a problem. please someone tell me if im wrong. Thanks for the advice, ill try out google.

One of two possible files (without a FULL file extension can't lock down for sure)

  • Temp Word files - safe to remove if not being wiped on close of Word
  • A shadow copy (ever notice most file properties in Vista have a "previous versions" tab. This relates to shadow copy backup.

Either way, if you don't know what a file (especially relevant for hidden files) LEAVE IT ALONE... it is not there by accident!

I.m begginning to fear that in trying to solve your undeletable folder problem, you could have messed up your system.

Kaninelupus is correct in the advice provided to you. Do you have a Windows Vista DVD? If so you could at least get it to repair Windows.

If you suspect a virus or trojan, then don't mess about. My advice as per another of your threads should be seriously considered.

Another Advice, you can use system cleaners like ccleaner. It wipes out garbages in your disk. Check out here at www.ccleaner.com
Bonus point is, it is freeware :)

thanks i just downloaded it, someone else on this site recommended it.

Ok so i ended up doing s system recovery, and set my computer back to factory settings so i think i am problem free at the moment. Thanks for all your guys' help. i appreciate learning about this stuff.