I recently purchased a dell tower from State surplus because my computers MB and PS
blew up. I installed my recovery disk onto the new tower and installed an audio card, ethernet card and the old hard drive. The system is working well. However, I cannot access my Documents/default. When I click on the defaut on documents and settings I get a message that the folder cannot open.. I think it has something to do with the administrator and password on the old HD. How do I fix the problem so that I can access the old hard drive totally. The system recognizing the old hard drive as E and I can access the programs but cannot get into my documents... Thank You SKIP

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yeah its because there was a password on the old drive when it was the main drive .try this might work .I had this problem with customers hdd and only was i got the folder open was to boot it back up in old computer and remove password .i was lucky there motherboard was still working ,just being upgraded .

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