i have a laptop with windows vista home premium and it worked perfectly well on the internet using Asus wireless router until one day my norton internet security expired and eventually my network connections indicated local access only.i uninstalled norton and installed AVG8.5 but still the problem persisted.i went on to use norton removal tools but still i sometimes get internet connection for a short time and it goes back to local access and thi happens even when using an external modem.please help me

You know what people are going to say!Virus/Trojan if your problem lines up with expired anti-virus software. Do forgive me, but AVG is lightweight compared with, say Kaspersky or Mcafee.

In making these remarks, I assume the following:

Trojans reset registry settings, sometimes alter code or corrupt memory. If you haven't got rid of the trojan, the problem gets worse. You can temporarily get things working sometimes, bbut the registry settings will eventually be changed again.

You could head over to the Virus/Spyware forum and take things from there to be sure that you have a trojan (or otherwise).