Slow startup - what have I done?

OK - you're asking a lot of "no details provided" questions, none of which make any sense without said details. For example:

  • Which particular Windows build (release and SKU - ie, Vista Home Premium)
  • Were you already noticing slow performance/boot?
  • Noticed background processes not recognised?
  • What are you actually trying to achieve??

Most of us don't pretend to have a crystal ball in front of us - an those who act like they do are fools anyhow - so you need to lay it out for us if you actually want our help.

Slow startup - what have I done?

To build on kaninelupus' reply:

You have a potential insufficiency of RAM and/or.

You are loading too much unecessary guff at startup and/or

Something was loaded at startup that is grabbing resources.

So, please answer all of kaninelupus' questions and provide a list of software loaded at startup.