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how i can export and import active directory service from windows 2003 server.i have one old server i want to export active driectory service to my new windows 2003 server. so please help me abouyt this topic.

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The following command line can be used to import and export AD Data


Info Here

Although, to my knowledge, the best solution would be to install your new Server, and add it as another Domain Controller to your existing domain. Unlike NT4 / W2k - WS2003 doesn't have one primary Domain Controllers, so the information should syncronise all your AD Data, and then you can simply take the old Server Offline.

I couldn't find any supporting information regarding this as a solution on the web amongst all the links for upgrading from older OSs.

If you want to do more complex AD Migration, see this link for MS's AD Migration tool, but again this is more for migrating from older OSs or from one domain to another.


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I remember reading a good article about this on microsofts site except is was for exporting AD info from win2k to win2k3. Search the knowlegebase