Hi Guys!

Just wanted to check something with whoever can tell me,

I want to install vista HP on a new 1.5TB harddrive which i plan to purchase,

However, I wasnt entirely sure if it is possible or not to install it using the entire harddrive, and not have to create a partition for half the capacity.

I have heard that it doesnt let you use the full harddrive and you can only use a certain amount of the harddrive to install it..

Can anyone confirm this for me?

Many thanks in advance!

P.S -

This is the harddrive i have my eye on,

Can anyone tell me if they think its a good choice!?


Yes can install on entire drive, but not the best idea.

Would partition, giving OS no more than third, keeping the remainder for all you personal files etc. That way, if Windows crashes, or end up upgrading to Win7, the process is much less painful, and files kept much safer (although always best to back-up critical data elsewhere in case of entire hard-drive failure).

That being said, this particular model is not ideal for a Windows install for two reasons:

  • This model drive is not designed for internal desktop install

    Models HD154UI/JP1 and HD154UI/Y are NOT designed to be used in Desktop but specifically made for use with Docking/Rack/Caddy Use Only, these are being sold cheap!

  • Also, the write/rotation speed is slow (intentionally so as a "green" option). A faster hard-drive makes a HUGE performance advantage.

This drive would be far better suited to your needs for only a few pounds extra :)

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Hi There!

Thanks very much for your advise,

Much appreciated!

I see what your saying, and I agree, What sold it to me was the fact it would be nice n quiet, but I didnt notice the slower RPM!, I believe i was getting it mixed up with other HD's i was looking at..

My plan is basically to have Vista HP 64bit edition, on the 1.5TB, and I also have another 500GB harddrive which i will use to have XP installed on as a dual boot system, all of my backups will be on there, and also on a 320GB external Harddrive so i can use them with my laptop too.

So on that basis, I belive the faster HD you have recommended would be great for that,

If you have any further advice, Id appreciate that too :)

All the best for now,

Vista and Win7 have the ability to relocate ALL you personal folders (ie, My Documents,My Pictures, etc - yes Win7 using the traditional names for the actual folders), so knowing you are intending to retain 500GB drive already installed, would make a couple of different suggestions, for what it is worth.

1. Partition 1.5GB to dual boot, and set-up to dual-boot XP/Vista on that drive, relocating personal folders to the 500GB - thus if Windows crashes (or worse, major virus infects the entire drive, corrupting both OS installs), all your personal data kept safe. Can even use Bitlocker to further protect the secondary drive.

2. If planning to upgrade to Win7, you have a second option - virtualisation :)
Moving to either Win7 Business, Pro or Ultimate means you are to use "XP Mode" - basically a virtualised version of XP + Virtual Desktop - to run anything not beyond-XP compatible (this is of course dependent on whether your CPU supports it, as XP mode is hardware dependent). This then would give you several different options as to how you divide you HDD space... it may even render the old 500GB as a reserved-for-emergency drive.