folders no access Win XP;drive checked good no bad sectors
Windows XP,disk good, software problem?, disk checked out good, Folders won't open;
have no access. How do I solve this problem? I used two methods to check integrety
of drive: Hard Disk Sentinel and Windows XP
The whole thing started after I hibernated a drive with an attached drive. Then
I removed the attached drive and reopened in hibernation the single drive which was
ok. The other drive when attached later showed some errors and when the errors were
corrected the errors could have been found in the folder called found.?.
I also ran ADRC Data Recovery express on one disk with no problems found.

Drive is 100% excellent in health and performance.
I need to correct the above problem.
Disks are either brand new(1) or less than 1 year old. Both are Western Digital
SATA disks and checked out excellent. Is it a software problem with XP?

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