hello I am getting frustrated. my friend has an XP computer, but a couple of daus ago his computer turned off and restarted by itself at first I tough it was just updating but when it kept restarting after saying checking nvram I got confused i tried taking out cmos battery but it did work can anyone help me

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some reason:
1) power supply become hot
2) ram didn't support
please check it.

i checked all those and tried to go into bios but it won't let me if it does it's only for a couple of seconds then it restarts saying again checking nvram. it seems it sees everything except nvram. is it the hd or something else? please help me

This is Daniel's friend, let me explain more about the situation. The computer was working just fine, custom built and was running perfectly for a solid 3 years. We have concluded it could be damage to the harddrive but we're not 100% sure about this. Here's what happened before it crashed.

1) Computer has not been turned off for an entire week and CPU usage on the day before the problem kept spiking back and forth from 0% to 100%

2) Was used for gaming on high standard graphics which raised the CPU temperature to 45 degrees Celsius. Right now, it runs at 25 degrees Celsius but it won't start.

What happens is after the computer is turned on, it makes a beeping noise (which it always does) signaling that the computer is booting up. Before it even gets to the XP loading screen, it will restart in the middle of the CPU boot system. Entering BIOS will still end up causing the reboot as well as booting from a CD, showing that the damage is internal. The computer had no viruses before this problem, and it can't be a virus problem anyways.

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