Hello guys, i really need help with this one. This is the problem:
I have a user with Windows Vista Home Premium and Office 2007 (Sony Vaio Laptop). When i start it and open a xls file its all ok, but if i close that file and i repoen it i receive a message : The *.xls is locked for editting by the user "Windows User", and i have 3 buttons: Read-only, Notify and Cancel. If i press Notify i can use that file but when i close it i can save it only as a copy. If i reboot and open the xls file is ok and if i close it, the same problem. I woud apreciate any help.

It seems that your .xls file is being shared. Turn the sharing off and you should not have this issue anymore. I know it Excel 2003, when you open the .xls file you can change the sharing option under TOOLS in the menu bar. I am not sure where it is in 2007. Take a look at the EXCEL help -> Sharing Workbook.
I hope this helps.

Its ok now. I went in Excel2007 -> Review -> Share This Worbook and i allowed all user to make changes, for now its working. Thankyou very much.:)

n/p I'm glad it's working. :-)