I'm looking for a little help understanding why a computer will hang up for a while and not respond when attempting to complete certain tasks, or even randomly.
I'm not necessarily looking for information thats specific to my exact situation, but rather general information that will help me understand what goes on with a computer to cause this kind of thing.
I currently run a celeron 1000 with windows 2000. Here's 2 different examples of what I'm talking about:

1: I open windows hotmail and do my thing. I click 'log out' and no matter what the circumstance, the computer will hang for something like a minute or so before it becomes operational again.
If i open the task manager and end the program, it ends as not responsive, and the computer still takes some time to respond. Otherwise I can wait and eventually the computer will respond. This happens every single time I log out from hotmail, no matter which of my 3 accounts I log out from.

2: At any random time during web surfing, the computer will hang and any of the following can happen: the computer tells me the program is not responding, or I can use task manager to end the program which shows as not responding, or sometimes I can wait it out and it will continue.

Any help in understanding what causes this kind of behaviour is greatly appreciated. I suppose if a solution is obvious to someone, it wouldn't hurt to hear about that too.



Here are a few reasons why your PC would hang:-
Insufficient memory,
Too many programs open using all you memory,
Software problems,
Hardware problems,
Internet connection problems,
ISP problems,
Slow PC (celeron 1000???),
the list goes on... You should have at least 500mb to run windows and that will freeze a lot with low memory, I would never think of running windows under 1gb.
If you need more specific information please ask again with more info on your PC, if not please mark this thread as solved.

hi is it only when using internet releated software when this happens or is it for all of your computers tasks and programs ,celeron 1000 in my opinion is to outdated for today's Internet !also how much ram do you have