I have a folder A with files 001.jpg, 002.jpg, etc
I also have a folder B with different files but with the same names; 001.jpg, 002.jpg, etc

I want to put all the files in the same directory - is there something that will automatically rename them or something so that they can all be in the same directory?



In folder one, select all/rt-click/rename
Enter an appropriate name (i.e. my vacation)
All will be renamed "My vacation001, etc.
Irfanview also has a batch rename utility.

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Ah great - I never knew about that!

My question is different. I have due to using System restore in Windows-XP, some folders in the same Directory but the folders are called say (Folder) and (Folder)(1) and (Folder(2).
Now as I have deleted OLDER restore points and in no need for such different folders, may I
1. Delete those with added numbers (1), (2)..etc or
2. Before doing that Can I copy contents of (Folder)(1) into (Folder) and (Folder(2) into (Folder)..etc..?