3 questions please if I may.

1. Why do I get security certifcate errors? I lately keep getting them with sites I use all the time, like craigslist, godaddy, others?

2. Why do sometimes I start my computer and all my icons are all mixed up on the desk top?

3. Why does sometimes MS word when I am typing wont use space bar correctly and starts erasing the next letter , what i mean is if i miss a letter in a word and bring the cursor bar back in the middle of a word and type the letter in it deletes the next letter in sequence?

Thank you

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Your PC is undoubtedly infected is the answer to all 3.

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Your PC is undoubtedly infected is the answer to all 3.


First no virus so wrong Rik.

I figured out the certificate errors, a week ago
I downloaded photoshop c3 from a buddy and had to change the date to 2007 on my computer to have it work, I just changed it back to the the current date and time and presto no certificate errors, the other questions I am still workin on.

commented: Piracy of software is illegal +0

That means you have installed CS3 without buying it which is ILLEGAL. Your friends licence does not cover you!

This Certificate is Protect your security certificate warning on unsafe websites. However, sometimes there is a glitch, you receive this message, all the time is not necessary.

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