ell im having a boot problem with my PC i just formatted the HD i tested it with the computer im on now (my good one) the HardDrive worked fine but when i hooked it up to the other computer i get stuck at "Verifying DMI pool data..........."
Does anyone know how to fix this?

Diskette Drive A:1.44m, 3.5 in.
Diskette Drive B: None
Pir. Master Disk: LBA Undma 6 7927 MB
Pri. Slave Disk: None
Sec master Disk: CDROM UDMA 33
Sec Slave Disk : Non

Primary Master HDD S.MA.R.T. capability .......Disabled

When i try to reinstall windows on the other computer it will not recinize the boot disk

Let me see if I have this right...you formated, partitioned, and installed your OS on the hdd in your good computer and then installed it in your other computer?

If this is what you did then that's where you made the mistake. Taking a hdd that has been installed as the master on one computer and then installing it in another with a different motherboard will cause problems with your OS. It could even be fatal.

When you tried to install the OS on the other computer did you reformat it first?

Ok this is what i did i put the hard drive in my good computer,
Booted from windows XP disk Formated the Hard drive and installed windows on it tested it and worked fine
i would have done it on the computer im using the hard drive on but nothing happends when i put the windows XP cd in.Doesnt even ask me if i want to boot from disk so i thot it would be easyer if i just did it this way but i guess not:(