My Microsft word program has suddenly lost its spellchecker.

It gives the error message "Word cannot find the spelling file MSSpelll3.dll or Mssp232.dll".

I have done nothing to change it and restore has not worked. A search of the computer cannnot find the files.

The Woird program is a 2003 edition and I no longer have the disk or any details as I have moved several times. I am in the middle of writing job applications as my office closed last fortnight.

Can anyone help?


i have suffered for same problem before few days.i was just uninstall full program with save detail and reinstall it again.and i got my spell check back.tray it ones..

Thanks for the reply

The trouble is that if I uninstall it, I cannt reinstall it because I no longer have the disks.

(I am reduced to cut and pasting into outlook express and using the outlook express wordchecker)

This may be a too simple reply but have you checked where and what is the default dictionary. If it is in a different location to where office expects to find it...! you may well get the result that you have. It may also be worth checking the original installation for the rights of use. If a differtnt user is applied it may not get the checker.
also I have had problems using pmore than one language..;check that too!