I read about this on the Speed Up Windows thread.

I downloaded from Major Geeks and followed the instructions. These included a long wait after rebooting. It seemed to take a very long time and didn't appear to be going anywhere. I deleted the program.

I'm willing to give it another shot and another download. Any idea how long I should wait after I reboot?

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Bootvis is designed to start your PC faster, therefore, if your PC is not starting you have a problem with the installation. Make a system restore point and download and try again if you want to use this program.

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Thanks, Bob.

My PC starts fine but bootvis never seems to reach the end page. Forget what it is called. I probably waited half an hour and it still hadn't finished. I'll try downloading again.

Uninstall, and reinstall if you want to use it. it may pay to run ccleaner or similar before re installation.

Thanks, Bob. I looked at a few forums where they discussed the program. Seems a lot of people are having problems. I think I'll pass up on it for now.

No problem, do you want to mark this thread as solved to get rid of it.

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