Hello, I have a Windows 2000 Laptop. My computer is Windows XP. My laptop has a wireless card build in and it if turned on. If I turn it off it says Network Cable unplugged. (turned it back on) If I go into the settings from Control Panel to look at the Wireless Card. It says it has Link Quality: Excellent (100%) and Signal Strength Excellent (93%).

Wireless Card=intersil PRISM

My computer has a Modem and a Router. The internet cable connect directly into the Router. The Router is a Terayon and my modem is D-link
I have Internet on this computer and every other computer in my house. (wireless and nonwireless) But this Laptop, I can't seem to figure it out this time.:-/

Thanks for your time.

do you get an error message when you try to connect to the wireless router

*stupid question* Connect to my router, What do you mean?

Like, Go into IE Tools>Internet Options>Connections>Setup?

If not, then I probably never tried it:$

well it should pick up a wireless connection ,then you have to pick your conection and click on connect ,there should be a wirell icon by the clock for you to right click and choose connect

Well, on the toolbar, there is a computer with a little red X on the bottom right of it...

I open up Network and Dial-up connections folder and its a Local Area Connection, Type: LAN Connection and the status is Network Cable Unplugged.

Realtek RTl8139/810X Family PCI Fast Ethernet NIC

I can only Disable it?

Does this have a factor on anything?

I remember when this lap did work, It always had that like that and it never effected anything.

Surely thats a wired card, not a Wireless one?

Do you have the software / Drivers installed that came with the wireless card?

if this is a built in wireless cadr. verify that it is turned on, then go to control panel> network and internet. it should be listed as a wireless connection. if u are not seeing it there. then the drivers are not installed. get the drivers installed, u can also go to control panel>systems>device manager and look under the group for network adapters you should have at least 2 the realtek, which is the Lan card and one for the wireless. if only the realtek is listed the drivers for the wireless is missing and would be under a list that says Other devices with a yellow question sign.

enable the realtek and use the wired connection to get onlione to download the drivers for the wireless card. Youcan locate the drivers at the PC manufacturer web sites.

I got to this.

An error occurred while Internet Connection Sharing was being enabled.

Internet Connection Sharing cannot be enabled. A LAN connection is already configured with the IP address that is required for automatic IP addressing.

I Wen around turning off every automatic IP addressing thing i could find. But this still pops up.

You don't need ICS with a router.
Read bobbyraws's post about Control Panel and follow his directions, which will solve the problem, or at least give us the info we need to help.