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Just as aside, not all apps actaully provide an install log, or at the least in the location you would expect it to be (wonderful I know). In this case the best course of action is three-phase (and this is only after exhausting all uninstall attempts, including looking for add-on uninstallers or "cleaners" for the application at hand):

  • Delete app folder
  • DL CCleean (also known as Crap Cleaner) and perform the following actions:
    • Delete the install entry for the app at hand
    • Run a registry clean to remove any orphaned entries

As I said, this is only a last-ditch method, if all other methods have been exhausted.


Except for one detail, kaninelupus has offered sound advice.

The difference is not to bother with the "last resort" warning. If an application can't be removed by system provided tools, just delete the app folder, clean the registry and reboot.

No messing about.

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