This problem has occurred since the Upgrade, the CD Rom obviously worked during the Upgrade, but now refuses to play Audio or Video, the disc's are ejected & a window opens telling me to insert a disc.
Regarding the built in webcam, no picture appears. In both cases in 'Device Manager' when I look into prperties for each device, I am told that they are both working properly.
When I start my Laptop, the last two lines that appear before Windows 7 starts are.
PXE-E6i:Media Test Failure, Check Cable
PXE-MOF:Exiting PXE Rom.
I do not know if this has anything to do with it, both devices are built in & as far as I know do not have cables.
Can anybody advise me please.
Best Regards John

Have you tried getting the latest drivers for those devices from the manufacturers site. That would be the Laptop manufacturer.
It does sound like a driver issue.

Thanks for your response, I agree with you I believe it to be a driver problem. I am waiting for a response from Novatech the laptop supplier. I also contacted the manufacturers of the devices, but although the laptop is only 2 years old, the devices are no longer listed on their sites. If I could get a driver for the CD ROM I would be happy. Windows 7 has installed a driver ref 6.1.7600.16385. but this does not work despite Device Manager telling me it's working properly.
Regards John

Hello John,

When you were in Device Manager, did you try to update the drivers?

Hi Adamsappleone
Yes I did, again I was informed the drivers installed already were the best. However there has been a development today, I cleaned the lens of the CD ROM, & it worked when I put in the disc which came with the laptop & I re installed the webcam, & this is now working. The CD ROM has not worked since this despite my repeating the lens clean. This to me indicates an intermittent fault, may be the laser is failing? for example. Any ideas?
Best regards John

Hey John,

Glad to hear you got a portion fixed.
Looks like you have 2 choices, either replace the internal CDROM, which could be complicated or get an external USB drive.


Hi Don, another development. I physically removed the drive from the laptop, & cleaned the connector with a soft camera lens brush. Re assembled it to the laptop, & to date it's all running fine. (fingers crossed).
So I must apologize to Windows 7, it seems that it was a mere coincidence that the drive decided to play up just after I'd installed W 7.
I would like to thank you & the others who replied to me for your input.

Best regards John

Well, that's interesting.
Glad to hear you got working.
If you don't have one, might I suggest getting your self a can of compressed air to keep handy.

You could also mark this thread as solved and start a new one in the event something else goes wrong. Keeping fingers crossed that it doesn't.