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How am I able to share a wi-fi connection through a Windows Mobile 6 device to my computer running Windows 7 x64 via USB. I have tried and failed for days on end.

Does anyone have any idea on how to get this working?


I might be a bit thick today but your opening sentence doesn't make sense to me. Share a wi-fi connection ... to a computer running Windows 7 via USB? WiFi or USB?

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ok I was a bit unclear then. what I want to do is connect my computer to my wireless network. but as the computer doesn't have a wireless adapter, I can't. my phone does have an inbuilt wireless adapter. so I need to connect my computer to my wireless connection. using my phone as a gateway. the phone is connected to the computer via usb

I haven't tried this with a WiFi connection, but Windows Mobile does have an app known an Internet Connection Sharing using which you can share your phone's data connection and browse the web on your PC. First thing to do is setup a Sync Partnership between your phone and computer using Windows Mobile Device Center. Once that's done, launch ICS on your phone and select your WiFi connection from the list. Tap "Connect" on your phone and you should be online. If it doesn't work, post back.

In theory, yes. If you can connect the PC to the internet using the phone's 3G functions, then when the phone is connected to your Wi-fi the same capabilities should exist.

I haven't tried it but it seems to me that the phone's layers would behave consistently.

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that's the problem.... they don't. The Wi-Fi and the 3G networks are kept separate. I can connect the computer to the 3G internet, but I don't have a mobile internet plan, so i need to connect it to the wireless. And the Wi-Fi connection is not on the list of ICS

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seen both of those. I can't use an ad-hoc as my computer doesn't have bluetooth