I have a 4 GB Transcend pen drive.
I want to install the OS windows XP in the hard disk.
In BIOS settings i set to first boot from usb.
I want to use my pendrive to install XP.
How can i make my pendrive botable? So that i can install XP from my pendrive.

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Info given by CAPERJACK doesn't works for me. I had already tried that.
Give me some easier ways.



you could try using 'winbuilder' to create a bootable livexp cd image & then extract the iso image to your pen drive.

I have just done this & it does work but you have to copy the boot files from your c drive to the pen & edit them. You also need 2 files from server 2003 sp1.

I think with hindsight this may be too much work... You just want a really simple process right?

Have you tried using an official win xp installation cd to instal onto your pen drive?
ie. insert pen drive, insert installation cd, re-boot pc, follow instructions to install xp and when asked choose the pen drive as the destination for installation.

Don't know if this would work but would be an easy option if it did.

good luck


Now i get a solution which works for me.
1. Get a software called UltraISO. only 7 mb
2. Install and run it.
3. select the Image file of any OS (XP/Windows7/Linux)
4. In menu bar there is "bootable" menu
5. "Write disk image"
6.Now you can write the disk image in your inserted pendrive then it will be bootable.

It is too easy if anyone has UltraISO or you can download such a small file.

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