Is there a way to take an installation disc such as Office 2010 and create a bootable file that i can put on a flash drive and connect to a computer and run it like a setup file? I dont want to create a bootable usb. Just create a bootable file.

Is this possible?

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Thanks for the link but thats not quite what im looking for. I want to take a program, say Microsoft Office and create a file that i can put on a flash drive which i can then connect to any computer i want, open up the folder the file is in and double click and install Microsoft office without having to have the CD. I know this is possible but im not sure how to do it.


What you are describing is basically taking the Office CD and copy all of the the contents to the USB stick. That works. Have you tried that?

When you plug in the USB, open the drive and double click the setup.exe file.


your first post says you want to create a bootable file,that what the program i posted the link to does ,I used a program like it years ago to create a CD with about 10 different program on it and i main screen with icons liked to the Setup file of each program ,was kind of a nead CD actually

as jorgeM says ,that is how i do it now ,but one day will find the time to use the program in my other post to create a bootale usb

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You don't need to create a bootable disc (or USB) to install Office. You have to have Windows running in order to have somewhere to install Office to. You only need to create bootable media in certain cases such as

  • to install or reinstall your operating system
  • to run an alternate system such as a linux live CD or Windows PE
  • to run special utilities like anti-virus, SpinRite, etc

Just about everything else needs to have an OS already running. What you want to do is mount the iso file as a virtual disc then copy all the files to the USB. I prefer Virtual Clone Drive from SlySoft. It's free and very easy to use.

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