Your probably thinking, why would he want to do that? Well, just a bit of nostalgia. So i've done the obvious, put on classic, change the desktop icons and background, I downloaded Classic Shell, but how do I change default icons for everything? And if possible, explorer.

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You can't, the shell predefined the UI settings to a point that most can't be change, for me its not so much of nostalgia, more like I just love the simplicity of my XP 64bit. The only way to do what you want is to use something like Stardock but even then, theres a limit to how far you can change them to.

Or you can download VirtualPC from Microsoft and create a Windows 98 virtual machine inside then for when you want to wax nostalgic.

Well Use styler in Tune Up utilies, with the icons downloaded from internet, or find them in your own backyard, i mean c:\system32\icons

I hate the way that Windows 7 start menu looks. The programs menu is to small and why they have the single programs above the foders, I'll never know. I have always set my start menus to classic, but with Windows 7, I use a free download called "windows classic shell".

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