Is there a utility which you load with a .txt file which is a list of files and directories you made previously, so it generates, sort-of, a virtual directory tree (explorer-like, with icons and all)?


For example:
You have a list, a .txt file, which has this text in it:


from this info such utility would show you an explorer style directory tree just as if you would browse your hard-drive (it would show icons you currently use for files as well).

If there is not such utility - then - can someone make it - because it's a simple task for a programmer - surely - a small exercise.

(I have files I made with 'total commander' - when you use search and then copy the results to a notepad - it would be nice if I could use them this way)

Come on people -- a program which takes list of files saved in txt format and displays it in explorer-style tree?

Come on people --

demanding aren't We !
do a search for one,it may take a little research to find it yourself ! myself i don't think you will find one, retail!,sounds like something you would have to build yourself !

also look at the upper part of this page see software development maybe that would be a better place to ask you question