Well, vista was released here today and well, when i got it i was not impressed. In this blog im gonna detail what I like and dont like

Im gonna sell it (thats a bucketload of money wasted :( ) or something and put 2k (only other OS i actually own a cd for) back on my pc. Not happy - in fact I think it will turn more power users to linux but as always, your average joes will be wooed by the wobbly windows

The BAD:

1)It treats me like an idiot (worse then OSX) by asking me whether i really,really,really want to delete said file even although i obviously do know what I am doing as I am a priviliged user :(

2)It wants passwords all the time!
Every wee system change or application that requires priviliged access requires you to imput a password

3)It doesnt run any old versions of visual studio - not even 2003

4)It hates my Windows Mobile 2003 PDA

5)Wanted a floppy disk for my sata raid drivers! - I actually had to go out and buy one! - £20 quid!


My pc comes with a recvery partition only and i know from past experience that rules out an upgrade as when windows is installed it wipes the MBR and the lovely hit f11 to recover message :( meaning I had to buy the full version

Home premium full is over £200!
Ultimate is nearly £400!

7)The specs!

My graphics card runs Far Cry at 1280x1024 but it cant run aero - wtf?
And i got a P4HT with 1gb RAM and vista - aero still takes up 60% CPU and 750mb RAM!

8)WTF is up with the black scheme? - Nice but no thanks - if i wanted that id use XP with Zune.

9)Office 2003 wont play nicely - in fact , most software and drivers wont

10)No decent network stuff whatsoever in the Home editiomns , EVEN LESS than in XP home!

11)Needed a BIOS upgrade as Vista doesnt support my dells HI-Def sound


1)Looks pretty (even if i dont get aero but WTF is up with having no file,edit,tools menu anymore?)

2)More secure even if it is a pain in the ass

3)Didnt need many core drivers for much once id fixed the SATA and BIOS

4)Much nicer install - bye bye white/red on blue colour scheme

5)Much more wizards for wifi etc and the frewall now protects both ways

6)Love the new start menu but it looks like its been stolen from SuSE's KDE

7)New media stuff rocks

2) This can be fixed by disabling User Account Control. (Look under User Accounts in the Control Panel)

3) I'm not sure about this but maybe you can try running it in Compatibility Mode?

8) I don't like the black color scheme either but you can revert to the old-style Start Menu and taskbar if you'd like. Window color and appearance can also be changed.

9) This is very strange - Office 2003 worked just fine for me with Vista until I just upgraded to Office 2007.

Hope this fixes at least some of your problems.

thanks but visual studios below 2005 dont run on vista even in compatibility mode. microsoft acknowlege this. Thanjs for the other tips - maybe ill try office 2007 soon (not out here yet) - is it in student edition?

4). That's because XP used MS Activesync, Vista uses Windows Mobility Center I believe, works fine with my PDA & my SPV M700.

Also Office 2003 seems to be working fine on mine and systems I've built for people since - odd huh.

6). Mine is set up the same way; have home premium upgrade installed.

Dazza :cool: