HI. I have to make an algorithm for my CMSC class. I was given three problems. Can anyone give me any idea on how to solve these?? Pleaseeeeee. 1. (A1) Given a sequence of numbers, determine the linear equation in the form “an + b.” Example Input: 7 9 11 13 15 Output: 2x + 5 What should be the minimum length of the sequence to determine the linear equation? 2. (B6) Mr. Slowie, a shoemaker, has N orders from customers which he must satisfy. The old shoemaker can work only one job in each day, and jobs usually take several days. But because of the quality of his work, Mr. Slowie actually is quite popular and has many customers.Mr. Slowie also has a policy about delays: he agrees to deduct a certain amount of cents per dar from the total price. This amount is agreed upon by Mr. Slowie and the customer during the job order. Help the old showemaker by writing a program to find the sequence of jobswith minimum total fine. If there are multiple solutions possible, output only one solution.Example input: Jobs [in the form (completion time in days, daily penalty agreed)]a = (3,4), b = (1, 1000), c = (2,2) , d = (5,5) Output: b a c d 3. (C5) While visiting Makati, you were interested in the beautiful skyline. You were interested in reproducing the outline of the rectangular building’s projection.
Given the height, width and left x-coordinates of a number of rectangles, create an algorithm to compute the vertices of the skyline. Assume that the bottom of each rectangle is on the x-axis (y=0).

The purpose of these class exercises in algorithm development is to get you thinking about problems and how to analyze and approach and then solve them. Don't ask us to help you cheat! And that is what you are doing! Make an honest effort, and we may decide to critique your work, and point you in a different direction if you are too far off-beam, but DO NOT ask us to do your work for you!

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