I think it is stupid that some online TV-channels and software suppliers demands that you must have an ip from "their" region.
Therfore I would like to know if anyone knows a way around this.
Nobody is getting hurt. There are only a few of us who are that nerdy.

Also, I think this would help secure me from all kinds of "bad things"- It would not be easy for a hacker to find an adress that does not exist.

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Actually, the contents of these basically are country specific and that is why they do not allow users from certain countries. You can use firefox tools to bypass such sites.


Yes, proxies are your solution, I copy US proxy IP and port from this US proxy list to watch United States tv shows and always works. You need to try with a couple of servers end you surelly are going to have a working one.


I think they have reasons to restrict the user to access their service. Anyway, if you need to bypass the country restriction check, the good way is VPN, since you are talking about streaming. I dun think free service will give you the speed you want, perhaps, you should opt for paid version. I'm using http://www.locaproxy.com, if proxy location needed.

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