When I try to play from library or a CD a cursor just runs up and down the playlist and nothing will play. I get no audio on websites like YouTube or any I receive in email . I get video but no sound. I had same problem with media 11, uninstalled tht and reinstalled 10.
Re connected all speakers and did diagnostic on them, speakers working fine.
Windows XP home
Sound blaster live sound card
Harman Kardan 635 3 speaker system
Dell 4400 new dimension pc
I hate contacting dell or Micrsoft, in 6 yrs they have never solved a problem. I have had many problems with this system.

Sounds like the audio drivers have corrupted. Will need to use Device Manager to uninstall the current drivers then reinstall latest drivers - should be able to source from Creative's web page

Sometimes, some of the windows protected files can be lost or changed. To detect any problems run the program “System File Checker” (SFC). Before you run it you should purge your PC’s cache:-

Go to “START”
Click “RUN”
Type or “copy and paste”.. sfc.exe /purgecache

Note:- the space after “exe”.

The “purgecache” in this command will empty the cache before you run the file checker. You should always purge the cache before scanning with the System File Checker (SFC). That way, you can be sure that system files are copied from your Windows installation media, and are not infected with malware or corrupted. After the cache has been purged, run System File Checker.

Go to “START”
Click “RUN”
Type or “copy and paste”… sfc.exe /scannow

Note:- the space after “exe”. You may be required to use your installation disk.

This could take a long time to complete, when finished, reboot and see if the problem still exists.