my Windows -98 is not installing ,because of small scratch on cd
upto 98 % linstallation and stops.. Till toda iwas using windows- xp
is tehere any possibility of down loadin win-98 free down loading...?

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Not legally, please dont discuss warez here.

Maybe you can try to clean the CD head with the CD cleaner kit and see whether its the drive problem on try another CD/DVD drive.

you can collect "bad cd repair" software from any where. or another thing if it possible then collect 98 cd from any friend.

Try to copy disc to the hard drive and then start up installation from the dos.

I've had luck with changing cd drives. All lasers are not equal.

You could try a Disk Dr. It basically hones your disk surface. I have had success with Magic Eraser (am I aloud to mention brad names?). Anyway, if you try honing the surface by hand, rub from the hub (center) it the edge rather than around the disk.

Good Luck

The launch of the new operating system from Microsoft is required to generate hype, but it is fair to say that Windows 98 has not been as eagerly awaited as it was Windows 95 And with good reason - it really development an existing operating system instead of launching an entirely new model.

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