I have installed anti-virus AVG 8.0 .When it came to be outdated,I wanted it to be updated,I have internet connection too.

But AVG says there is Network Failure.So I un-installed it to re-install.But While re-installing at the end of installation

it says" 1 error occured.Click details to show more information".While I click details it says

"Local machine :installation failed


Error:Action failed for registry key HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVerson\Windows: creating registry key...."

Do you have any other watchdog\firewall\antivirus(which you may have installed after installing AVG the first time) installed?? try closing\shutting it before installing AVG...The previous problem i.e. update problem could be due to the same reason..

I was using AVG for the 4-5 months.Before that I had used ESET nod32, and Kaspersky too.But after removing these items there was not any problem with AVG.But now the problem occurec so I am using again ESET nod32.I also repaired WIndows xp yesterday ,the operating system i am using.

So do you mean that you are trying to install AVG while NOD32 is installed and running?? Maybe that is causing the problem if 'yes' is your answer..The other reason can be a corrupted setup of AVG which had happened to me a month ago..

Absolutely not.I had installed AVG, It couldn't be updated directly through Internet,It gave connection error, so,I thought unstallation and re-installaton would fix the problem,so I un-installed it.While I tried to re-install ,it gave the error I have stated. I had used ESET before 5 month not while installing AVG.But today I'm using ESET as AVG can't work.

Are you using the free version or the paid one?


Since nothing is working out here, i think you should re-download it if u really need it...well as compared to NOD32, AVG is still better...

I have paid verson.I have recently downloaded it.But the problem remains same.I know AVG is better,But I couldn't install it,so I have joined the forum.I am compelled to use ESET NOD32 antivirus instead of AVG.Please help me.

Have you gone back to the website and tried getting a fresh d/l of the setup? I would try to erase any trace of the current install/setup on your system and then try and fresh setup d/l.


I had tried to install AVG alone not along with NOD.Because AVG doesn't work I installed NOD.Not simultaneously..