Im having weird issues with local host in
basically with these i cant get text from localhost
i go to http://localhost -nothing
go to http://ip - get website
cant connect to filezilla admin page using
i tried to telnet to http and filezilla admin but i dont get any text or errors. but in filezilla admin it slowly prints out one character at a time
and i had issues with my sql, i never figured out why but im guessing its related. it just stopped working one day and i tried to reinstall but nothing.. cant connect using mysql administrator

anyone know if theres any setting that can cause this??
please help.

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Make sure that you don't have a firewall running, sometimes they can block connections to even localhost. Beyond that, you can go into a command prompt and type netstat -an to get a listing of all the ports that are open, you can check to make sure 80 (apache) 3306 (mysql) are listening on localhost.


it works outside of the pc when i connect... but not inside
telnet localhost 80
get /
the response is blank
but if im outside and do
telnet 80
get /
it returns the page
how could the firewall do that?
i tried disabling firewall. nothing

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