I had created an .rtf file that had just a cut/paste from my cable company's website of channe listings. Since I recently purchased a rather large 2nd drive, i saved it there j:\channellineup.rtf. I now can't open, move, delete, rename the file. I can copy the file, but the copied file can't be opened either.

So the many experts out there of DaniWeb, from what I've described, does this sound like a corrupt file? should i tried scandisk, or something like that?
I ran spybot, and checked for virus with mcafee, but nothing looks wrong.
The computer is working fine otherwise.
Thanks to all

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I figured it out last night - I restarted the computer in SAFE mode and I was able to delete the file. No doubt that it was a corrupted file. Just wanted to let everyone know - problem solved.

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