Earlier this year I created 2 subfolders in the Inbox of Outlook 2007. One is titled Hotmail and the other is titled Yahoo. when I click on either one it opens up the login page of that free webmail provider without having to open my web-browser in another window. Please see attachment which describes better my situation.

I have spent the greater part of today trying to remember how it was done; but my attempts have not given the desired result of creating a new subfolder -- with Gmail this time.

All results from searching on the net deal with linking email accounts so that emails come directly to the Inbox without having to log in but that is what I don't want.

I am hoping that someone can direct me in getting a result.

Many thanks

Create your new folder in inbox
Right click on the new folder
Goto properties
Click on the Home page tab
Type in www.gmail.com
Click Show home page......
Now it should do what you want

Shade01--- Thank you oh thank you oh thank you. I KNEW that it was simple (and intuitive), so simple in fact that the first time I configured it without help which ............. was the most frustrating bit. Well i guess there are plenty more senior moments waiting out there for me.

I appreciate you help. Thanks