Hi folks. Hope someone can help. Yesterday I restarted my pc after downloading the latest windows update. Instead of doing what I would normally do and installing it while logged in I let the computer wait to install the updates and then turn itself off. Now when I start the pc and click on my name to log in windows starts to log in and I see the picture from the desktop background and then it immediately logs out again without even getting to the taskbar. The same thing happens when I boot into safe mode. At the same time that I was installing the windows update (there were 4 files contained in the update and they were just what MS call essential updates) I had uninstalled a couple of games without restart and had updated nokia pc suite also without restart.

Obviously as I can't log in I can't post any scans but this link has the most recent HJT logs that I have http://www.daniweb.com/forums/thread168044.html

I think the only way to get access to find out what's happening is to be able to get into have a look using DOS commands but I have no knowledge of this. I think I should be able to get a DOS prompt from booting into safe mode. I will be at work for the next 7 hours at least so if anyone can post something in that time that I can give a go when I get home I would be most grateful.

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I've just had a look through MS Update pages and I think that 2 of the 4 updates I downloaded yesterday were the malicious software removal tool and the other one was a Cumulative Security Update for Active X killbits Windows XP. I remember seeing the second one as had never heard of it before. There were a whole lot of updates released for XP HE yesterday and the list is here:

if you get to a dos prompt >
then typing ? will give you the list of commands and then if you type the command (dir)with the word (help) such as
DIR HELP it will give you help. or type DOS HELP into google.

After destroying my power supply when trying to clean the pc above I finally fitted a new one but still have the same problem above. I have a boot disc for windows and will try the following fix to see if it works sometime over the weekend:

1. Boot using your winxp cd.
2. Enter recovery console.
3. at the command prompt go to
4. next type:
copy userinit.exe wsaupdater.exe
5. exit and reboot normally. You should now be able to logon. But you're not done yet!
6. run regedit
7. find the Userinit key in:
8. modify the entry:
so that it reads:

Just wondering if anyone has any comments before I do something else to knacker my desktop? I found the fix at computing.net by Tom's guide. I have a laptop as well so can check here more often than before when I was checking at work and following printed out instructions....sigh....its either this fix or pay the man a lot of money to reformat hd I think....bigger sigh.

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