Hi all,

running a windows 2000 domain, with 2000 adv server on DC's and XP Pro clients.

Proxy server and home page for Internet Explorer 6 sp1 is set via group policy, but it fails to apply for new users after a change to the GPO that applies it (we wrote a new GPO and deleted the old one) The policy only fails to apply on a specific OU of machines (only difference to other machines is a machine-only GPO) and only for new users or users whose roaming profile has been deleted.

Any Group Policy experts out there care to field this one?


I'm replying to my own post in case anyone else reads this and is helped - the fault is with XP SP2 machines, where Group Policy applies Internet Explorer maintenance and Folder redirection (in separate GPO's or in the same)

Read MS KB article 888254 for further info.

Just glad it wasn't us....


It would appear that not a lot of people know about Group Policy stuff here. I certainly know I, for one, am not as up on it as I'd like to be.

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