Hi i was working on a machine and noticed it was getting very hot ,at the time i was installing sp3 when it fished it shutdown as normal i then looked at the fan and found that it was blocked with a ball of dust. i removed the dust and cleaned the fan put it back together and nothing the lights flash on then off then nothing, would any one have any idea what the problem is , there is an low electrical sound coming from the intel chip would the lights flash on then off if the chip was fried or the motherboard, would really appreciate some help on this the laptop make is a sony vaio vgn fj3m thanks

First off, I would go back and check everything where you were cleaning, could you have knocked any of the connections? Check everything. Will the fan now work when you turn your PC on?

Hi Bob thanks for your reply , i checked all connections nothing looks a miss ,when i press the power button the lights flash on for a second then of ? i put my ear to the laptop and can here like a low buz or electrical sound , i was wondering if the lights would flash on if it was the motherboard or cpu thanks again for your reply