Hi everyone, My name is John and like everyone else I'm just posting on this website because I have problems with my Windows.

Ok, here is the story. About a month ago, I came home and turned on the computer and thought I'd change my virus scanner to a different version (NOD32). After a while, Windows would freeze. It would load up my desktop icons and half of my task bar and then it would freeze. I was able to click on the desktop icons but after double clicking it, it was say that it is not responding and my computer would lock up and I can't even shut it down.

So I thought it was the virus scanner and formatted my computer thinking that it would work fine after starting fresh. But the problem kept arising. The computer would work fine for about 2 - 3 weeks and then suddenly just freeze on start up like before.

I've formatted like 3 times this month because of this problem. I've changed my virus scanner too.

Sorry for the long story but I have to get this problem solved.
Im running a AMD Athlon XP 2600+ with 1gb RAM.

Any ideas?


I would assume that after 3 formats ,it would be a hardware issuse and not a software one .you need to check you harddrive ,cpu your ram ,video card , basically everything .also fans ,heat problem.dirt in computer you name it ,

for ram test i suggest ramtest86 free on the net ,you harddrive manufactor will should have hdd tool on there site ,,

did you check yous event viewer for errors ,type this in RUN , eventvwr.msc

well i've cleaned out my computer and I'm still getting the same problem. Ive checked the event viewer and i noticed an error at the time when my computer booted up. It has about 5 error logs in the system file and i noticed most of the errors occured from BitDefender and one also saying
"The Distributed Link Tracking Client service hung on starting"
anyone got any ideas on what that means?



The "Distributed Link Tracking Client" controls file access accross networks. It sounds as if you may have problems with your network configuration, but the easiest thing to do, is to try and kill the service, and see if you lose functionality.

Start > Run > Type


Browse down to "Distributed Link Tracking Client" and double click.

You can either try setting this service to manual, or disable. To start with I would disable it.

On the General Tab - press "STOP" to stop the service, and then change startup type from Automatic to disabled. Apply and OK - Reboot.

See if this solves the immediate problem, and then continue to use your PC. If you find other problems, that may relate to networking, change the service back to "Automatic" and look for another solution.

The fact that you have formatted so many times, may indicate, that network services are causing errors using the "Distributed Link Tracking Client", that eminate from a hardware problem, such with your Network Card, but I can only speculate. If you need to back track, we'll have to look at other events, and find the true cause of the problem.

Regards, DaveB