HI all

I rebuilt my computer with some new parts
and installed xp, it did updates then came SP3.

Install went fine then restarted and it came up with
"Auto check not found - skipping autocheck" or something to that effect cant quite remember, then it would blue screen and reboot, looping.

I hadnt got round to performing a backup using partition magic so I had to re-install all over again, windows repair wouldn't work even.

My parents are looking at PC games for me for christmas (my bro told me) will the games require SP3? if so then I will try the update again and hopefully it will work. If not then I wont bother. the game I know they are looking at is modern warfare 2.

Any ideas on how to fix or can I just leave it as it is?

many thanks


Games don't require certain "Service Packs" to run, just the OS itself.

If you plan on re-installing "SP3", follow these directions and you shouldn't have any problems;

1. Download the "Service Pack" or better if you have it on CD.
2. Disconnect from the Internet
3. Shut down (do not un-install) any and all Anti-Virus, Spyware and Firewall programs.
4. Running in "Safe Mode" optional, but recommended.
5. Install the "Service Pack"
6. Restart the PC, note, all protection programs will resume active upon restart.
7. Reconnect to the internet.
8. Update any thing else that might need to.

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