I'm assuming not many people on this forum use SMS, but just in case;

I'm trying to install SMS 2003 on a Dell server with W2k Pro Server OS, SP4, with MSSQL7sp3. The server is on a NT4 domain. The server was our old SMSv2 server, which I have removed using the control panel function.

I've installed SMS 2003 using standard security, with the install files on the second partition and the database on the primary partition, as the secondary has the most room. I've also installed the admin console on the server. It is the only sms site, and installed as primary.

When I open up the admin console the connection to the site database fails, and the connection wizard seems pretty useless to provide any help. It appears that is looking for the database at \\server\root\sms\site_... But the database is at \\server\c$\smsdata. (I cant move it to root, as this seems disabled on this machine).

I can only think that old registry entries from the v2 install are causing errors, as the book I spent £30 of my own money on is no help. That said I'm reluctant to format the beast, as it holds the site's Software directory.

Could anyone with experience of setting up SMS 2003 let me know if I've missed anything.

Rebuilt server today, its working now.

Anyone need some help with SMS 2003 I'm your man.

You are the man,

I learned sms on my own by puschasing a cbt from store.technerdsplus.com

Sms is getting very big and I have a friend making 80.00 per hour contracting.

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