So I recently wiped my drive and did a fresh Windows XP install. In the process of installing all my software, drivers, updates, etc, my computer froze in the middle of installing of Service Pack 2. It froze with the backing up registry step listed, so I'm pretty sure its the reason why I now can't fully install it. I believe its the same reason I can't get certain programs to install correctly now, nor can I burn onto CD with my CD or DVD burner. Do I need to find the partial installed files and remove them? If so, where are they stored? Any help would be much appreciated!

I hate to say it, but if the crash happened in the middle of the SP2 upgrade, the most reliable thing to do is probably to start the installation process over from the beginning. :(

You mean I should format and install Windows fresh again? Cuz that would be a huge hassle, involving taking my computer over to a friends again to keep all the files I want.

I suggested that only because you said you had recently done the initial install; I didn't think you would have that much to lose by starting over again.

Depending on how badly the SP2 upgrade failed, your best option may still be to start over, though. SP2 is no small upgrade by any means, so you may never be able to find and fix all of the loose ends that an abnormal abortion may have left scattered throughout your system.

- What (exactly) happens when you retry the upgrade now?

- Is it possible to roll back to an earlier Restore Point and rebuild the system from there?

This time, install the Service pack BEFORE you install drivers and software

Oh, right- a very good point.

... and one that I totally missed :o

Thanks for the quick response and help, guys!

As for my attempts to install again, it usually ends up stopping at the same point, with a simple Windows XP Service Pack 2 Setup cancelled. I've tried multiple system restore points, all with the same result. I figure some of the important system files got affected. What sucks is I really don't want to go through all the trouble of all that again, since I already have everything configured just the way I like it, ya know?

Sounds unavoidable though...

What do you mean by 'install again'?

Are you trying to install over the top? If so it sounds like you're screwed. You should really (after backing up data) use the installation routine to delete the system partition, create a new one in its place, and then install onto that.

And yes, it sucks to have to set it all up again! :(

Before reinstalling and going through the whole hassle I would try a wonderfull program called Registry Machinic. The software repairs any registry entry that is corrupted. After it amends your registry your PC should be back to normal and then try installing SP2.

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