I have windows media palyer 9. Whenever I try to play a video I only hear the sound but the picture freezes. Then the computer crashes and i have to restart. This happens too when i play a dvd. I have removed the player and reinstalled it but to no avail. I have k-lite codec pack and even tried the nimo codec pack, but the problem remains.

Interesting, does it give you an error message? or does it just freeze?

It freezes and doesn't even respond with alt+ctrl+del

So does it happen if you use the Kazaa lite program to view the video

No it happens all the time

Do you have the latest video card drivers? Is there anything in your running software you can shut off and try again? Some programs (for whatever reason) interfere with multimedia files.

I updated the video card drivers. Other programs like Roxio and Divx player wont work too

check windows updates for the latest direct x and direct draw components

Does this happen with all video or just the crap thats out there to download via the P2P programs like Kazaa and all the rest !

No it happens with all video, even with original dvds


Did this just start happening, or has it been a problem for a while now? If it just started, have you recently done any system patches, or installed new hardware?

Also check your system logs. I am assuming you are working with a modern Windows here. Do the logs report any strange activities? Of course they show your system restarting... but any other errors coming up?


This started happening over a week ago. After this I did a reinstallation of windows (xp pro) because it was slowing down, ran adaware. Now everything is fine except for this problem. How do you check the system logs?

Good Morning,

To check your system logs, you need to go into the Control Panel --> Admin Tools --> Computer Management. Inside there are a good amount of tools. Look for the Event Viewer, and you will find at least three log types. Look in the Application logs and the System Logs.

I would also be curious if the problem is a profile problem. Do you have another user account on the XP box that you can try Windows Media Player with? Make yourself a new account, and see if it plays for you within that new account.


Thanks for your help, but I tried another user account and the problem remained there.With regards to the system log, I got into it. There are errors when the system hanged up, but that's all.

I would uninstall video driver in device manager and reinstall .
Go to Video card manufactors web site and get the latest drivers first .

I'm Having the exact same problem!! i hope this thread is not dead, i really want to fix this. Does anyone have any proven working solutions?

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