I was curios if anyone knows much about the Firefox add ons Stylish and Greasmonkey.

Essentially for my job we have a queued ticketing system. All tickets are in a table with multiple categories giving customer info/ticket info.

Unfortunately our DEV for this web based system has only made one theme for it (which most everyone hates) Therefore I wrote a stylish theme for it, which tidies up the design and changes the table colors.

Based on the work I'm doing, I want to avoid tickets with specific categories, so I wrote a GreaseMonkey script which loops through the table and searches for my keyword(s), if it find a match it changes the color for that specific item in the table.

However, running both the stylish theme and Greasemonkey script don't work. I have to settle for either, flagging items I don't want, or a nice organized view of the system.

I'm not sure why this occurs. As far as I know (I may be incorrect however) Stylish automatically takes effect as soon as DOM items start loading. And Grease Monkey doesn't load until DOM is done loading.

Any suggestions/Ideas?

just wondering...shouldn't this fall under web development category ??
Firefox and greasemonkey scripts aren't specificaly related to windows xp subcategory