I using winxp pro .trying to use Easy video splitter,it worked once but,every other try i get this protection error message .

"Debugger detected shut it down and restart "
Win NT users : please note that having the winice/softice service installed means that you are running a debugger !!

Sorry, I have no experience at all with that. :( I don't even know what a debugger is. Have you checked the Microsoft Knowledge Base by any chance?

debugger can be used to crack the software, apart from being helpful in finding bugs.

so softwares generally apply some sort of protection these days.
Look if you have any processes of any debugger running (use task manager to see) and after selecting the process click end process.

then run the tool

found reference to the error with google ,divix codex releated ,removed divix codex and downloaded latest version and no more error