at the weekend i decided to tidy my computer area. I unplugged everything from my computer positioned things where i wanted them and then plugged it all back. Just because i was sick of having wires showing and looking a mess.


When i turned the computer back on every thing seemed fine untill just befor the log in screen should of appeared. At that point the screen went black and my monitor started flashing No Signal. i tryed restarting the computer a number of times and got the same problem over and over.

I then tried restarting it again and pressing F8 in an attempt to run in safe mode, when the screen came up with the options to run in safe mode i was not able to move the highlighted bar thing to select the option i want? All that happens is the timer at the bottom runs out and then the screen goes on to saying No Signal?

What can i do to sort this? i am not able to get on to my log in screen because it goes to no signal before then. and i am not able to run in safe mode because i cannot select a option

double check what you had unplugged..or it could be loose connection.. basically if monitor display no signal then there's no data coming out from your video card.. any jumper settings you had changed?

Logic dictates that you caused the problem when you moved everything. There is not a lot of things that will allow you to get as far as your F8 screen and no further.
First up, try removing your motherboard battery for 3 minutes and then replace and boot up. You should be asked to press F2 or something to set up your BIOS again. Enter BIOS and set defaults, save and reboot and see if you still have a problem.
This would be a good time to have a Ultimate Boot CD.....