I purchased a new laptop with Vista and am waiting for my free upgrade to Windows 7 to arrive. I also recently purchased Office Professional 2003 and am wondering if I need to wait to install it until AFTER I upgrade to Windows 7. It could be several weeks before I receive the upgrade package.

I'm worried about installing Office 2003 with Vista because I understand there could be compatibility problems. And I don't know if I would have to reinstall Office after I received the upgrade, or if I even could reinstall. Not sure about using the same disc twice. (I am not well versed on software management, I just know the programs.)

I would appreciate any feedback/suggestions.

If it just an Window upgrade it is safe to install MS Office. The Window 7 should recognise whatever software installed.

It is definitely safe to install office 2003 on windows vista and later upgrade to windows 7.

You will not have any compatibility issues with office 2003 and windows 7.

Super! Thank you so much!

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