i had installed 2 os in my acer aspire 4736g
i had ubuntu and windows vista
i deleted the partition that contain the ubuntu os...
when i reboot my laptop, it comes out

GRUB loading stage1.5
GRUB loading, please wait...
Error 22

and it stuck there....cannot load windows
i knew that the laptop is finding the ubuntu os and cannot find it...
but i don't know how to enter bios, and how to set bios to remove ubuntu...

myb i am wrong, please correct me, and please help me...

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When you installed Ubuntu, it's GRUB boot loader replaced Vista's boot loader.
Now you have to repair Vista's boot loader and things will be back to normal.


grub is the error displaying on the screen.I cannot enter into anything pls help me


oh, if I were, I formatted the hard disk directly, and then reinstall the system

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