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Please supply a lot of information about your computer, OS and problem. How long has it been happening, what have you downloaded, installed or uninstalled? What have you done to fix it...etc etc...


Why does my Internet Explorer always stop working whenever I try to download a PDF file???

Probably you have a bad linking in Windows to the PDF viewer.
I would suggest to update the PDF viewer or change the settings from open to download.

As wrote before, please provide more information.


For once have to agree with "Bob" on this one... too little info and way too many variables!

Are you trying to open, or simply download?
Has this always been the case, or only recently? If the latter, what changes have been recently made?
What OS are you running?
Have you recently updated Acrobat?
Any recent software changes?
Any recent changes to applications or PDF file-handing prefs?

You really need to provide a heck of a lot more info in order for us to have a hope-in-hell of proving any assistance to your problems.

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