Hello. Most of the time I'm using Google Chrome as my browser. Each time I want to download something, the browser itself downloads the file. I want the Free Download Manager to do all downloading.
How can it be done?
Same thing with Safari and Firefox.

You need a plug-in for the browser(s).

the latest version of FDM has the plugin for all those browsers.

download page:

Full Version:

grab it, install it, then go:

then in the tree on the left,

and select the browsers that you want, and any other settings. If you know how to use a download manager, you probably understand them, so I will not explain them here (unless you want me to? happy to help if you need it!!)

After all that, your browsers need to install the plugins - and then you will need to shut them down and restart them. this step should be pretty automatic. Google still has issues with this from time to time though. I have stopped using it as it keeps crashing on me in different ways...

FF all the way for now...

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