I have this computer that has been a one way ticket to hell for me. After buying a new 650 watt power supply and a new copper 2.4ghz cpu heat sink and fan I decided to install windows xp. It wouldn't get to the installation prompt without shutting down my computer. I eventually updated the bios and windows installed fine. The registration went fine. After that....well, my computer began to randomly standby. It would work fine with games (Like half-life 2) but when I went back to windows, it would go on and off again. I decided to let it be because I used the computer for gaming purposes only. It recently decided to start randomly shutting down before a game would boot.

I have the temperature constantly monitored and it never goes above 45 degrees Celsius.

I know for sure it can't be a cpu overheating problem because my games work wonderfully for many hours.

I believe it is windows xp which is causing the problems. I unchecked the hibernation option and told it to never go into sleep mode no matter how long I leave the computer on.

I have the most recent bios update and nothing is being over-clocked.

my specs are

a-bit kd7a motherboard
AMD Athlon XP 2400+ cpu
radeon 9250 pci video card
512mb 400mhz ram
256mb 333mhz ram

Memorex dvd writer
Sony dvd drive

40gb hard drive
20gb hard drive

a pretty old case that has a ventilation tube for the cpu

I know these are old parts for a gaming pc...but It works for the games I enjoy and I have plans to get a new computer when I have the money (which may take a while)

(I never had any problems using windows 2000)

Thanks in advance

Just something to point out, you are aware that when using two different sets of RAM running at different speeds, your computer uses the lower of the two speeds, in your case 333M Hz.
In answer to your problem, clean your PC of dust and dirt and also make sure it is well ventilated, i think your problem could be overheating.

I realize that bit about the ram but i put every thing i could think of at the time up just in case.

The computer has been to compusa where they ripped off my brother with a $15 hyper clean. That thing is spotless. As I said before...It runs fine when a game is playing. The ventilation is good. I still believe it is a windows problem. I have never seen my cpu temp go above 45 degrees Celsius and that is when I am just finished playing a game.

Could it be a motherboard bios problem? (I have the latest update)

Might be a stupid question - but are you running any anti-spyware/malware programs?

Not yet....I will install zone Alarm sooner or later

The thing is, this has been a problem since windows was first installed. I had reformatted my hard drive.

It can't be a virus problem because it started before i had it connected to lan.

Try removing the slower RAM and work in a slightly crippled mode to see if there's stability.

Also see what your BIOS reports about the RAM you've currently got in. It should be alright as mentioned by Serunson - but anything can go wrong and first principles are always a good starting point.

Well....I removed the RAM and under clocked to 1.5 ghz and i still get the same results. Windows xp can't even boot without taking a nap. The boot screen will go blank and I have to hit random keys to wake it up.

What is a healthy cpu temperature anyways????